BNNVARA begins with pictures series Eyeballs

Bracha van Doesburg, Malou Gorter, Ramsey Nasr, Nadia Amin, Jeroen Spitzenberger, Eva van der Gucht and Mike Lebanon play the lead roles in the new tv series Eyeballs of BNNVARA. The public broadcaster reports that the recordings will begin soon.

Bracha van Doesburg

The series is directed by Will Koopman, known of Gooische vrouwen, and Divorce.

Roos Ouwehand, Frank Houtappels and Lex Passchier wrote the story about four different families in a medium-sized Dutch city. The parents all have their own way of parenting. But for all of them is that they have raised the bar for themselves and their eyeballs quite high: the life especially must be perfect.

Eyeballs is from 22 november to ten weeks on Thursday night to see at NPO 1.

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