Blangé talks with the KNVB on departure

It is unlikely that coach Ronald Koeman in Zeist, the netherlands, once a ’cup of coffee’ drink with the duty PIM. Peter Blangé, the performance and innovatiemanager by the then technical director Hans van Breukelen on a shield Zeist was in lifted, his longest time already had a great time at the KNVB.

Peter Blangé

The parties enter discussions to employment that officially until January 1, 2019 runs to prematurely disconnect. The KNVB wants to Blangé three monthly salaries to give, but the PIM will that the association meets all financial obligations until the end of contract date. Hence, the parties have with each other are trapped. Blangé would for his services at the end of about 250,000 euro per year to collect.

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