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Bitcoin, Ethereum and other Altcoins on the rise: Is the storm over?

After the last turbulent days demanded many investors of crypto-currencies, strong nerves, are the most since the night back in the green.

The price of Bitcoin yesterday, slipped briefly to an all-time low, which was last recorded in November of last year. The Deep is 6042,74 Euro, however, was overcome in a short time later by a massive price increase. Probably, many investors have a Buy-Option to a value of 6.100 Euro, so that directly after this brief pullback, the price rose again to about 7,000 euros.

To the editors of the time (12 o’clock) is the price of a Bitcoin in 7068,74 Euro. In the 30-day Chart is considered, the tendency for the Bitcoin, unfortunately, is not particularly good. Although the place deer could always recover again, however, the new price stabilizes teifer than before.

Nevertheless, it should be noted at this point that the Bitcoin has undergone a rapid development in the last year. The price was at the beginning of last year, less than 1,000 euros and now stands at about 7,000 euros.

The market capitalization fell briefly to below $ 350 billion, which brought great fear and panic among some investors. After this short Dip 80 billion dollars fins, however, within a short time of fresh capital in the market and the prices of all crypto-currencies in a row, back a little.

Cryptographic the extra-large rate currencies have suffered break-ins, such as Cardano, Ripple, or Stellar, are increased after the short Dip again the fastest in the course. Of course, Tron is 0.031 Euro at the average level recorded in the TRX-Token in front of the rocket launch at the beginning of the year.

Due to the continuing negative reporting of the last few days and weeks remains to be seen how the crypto market will develop next time. A pioneering Ergeinis is the upcoming G20 summit at the end of the year, when the crypto is a main topic of currencies. The resulting regulations, and possibly new laws, will affect the crypto market.

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