Babtsjenko’s wife was at the height of ’murder’

KIEV – The Russian journalist Arkady Babtsjenko (41), whose death in Kiev, the scene was set for an attempt on his life by an assassin to stop him, last Thursday, told that use is made of a T-shirt with bullet holes, blood and a make-upartiest to the shooting really to make it seem. His wife and some close relatives were notified.

Arkady Babtsjenko

Lurid pictures of the shot Babtsjenko, bathed in blood, were distributed, after which the authorities in the Kremlin to blame the gifts of the liquidatiepoging. The victim said that he was on his way from his apartment to the hospital in the ambulance, with ziekenverzorgers who was also in the conspiracy were, ’died’, and to the morgue was placed. There, he arose from the dead, pulled on clean clothes and followed the news on tv. “When I saw what a great guy I was.”

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The war, which is invariably critical uitliet about the Russian government has no evidence that the murder plot is a figment of the Ukrainian secret service (SBU) to the Russians to provoke. However, he is in 2017 warned that he was in danger. That was the reason why Russia to leave.

When the SDU Babtsjenko the proposal was an outline, because an attack on him was planned, he was skeptical. “My first reaction was: Bursting but, I grab my bag and disappear to the north Pole.” Nevertheless, he decided to cooperate because he is not the fate of the poisoned former spy Sergei Skripal wanted to share. “Because where you are hiding? Skripal was trying to hide.” Babtsjenko is now housed in a secure home.

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