Babis next week sworn in as prime minister

d54b9b9d07e93dd2e650e45777aad4cd - Babis next week sworn in as prime minister

PRAGUE – Czech president Milos Zeman will Andrej Babis, the leader of the national-populist protest movement ANO, Wednesday, sworn in as head of government. That has Babis Thursday said after consultation with Zeman. The multimiljardair, disputed by a prosecution for fraud, was after the election victory in October 2017, premier. In January he fell in a vote of confidence from the parliament will be lost.

Andrej Babis

In the Czech republic, the constitution, the president may temporarily suspend the opportunity of a government in function to keep without the consent of the parliament. That is allowed as long as no other candidate succeeds in getting a parliamentary majority to acquire.

To rule must Babis enough (gedoog)support. He would a coalition connecting with the social democrats. The communist party is already behind him but will have no ministers to deliver. The members of the social democratic party have yet to comment on government. It looks like they are in the majority yes will say.

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