Anne van Egmond comes back, but now on tv

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Radio icon Anne van Egmond (71) in June her comeback on television. In the nostalgic television station US presents them as of June 10, a televisievariant on her radio program Egmond binnen.

Anne van Egmond

Egmond binnen is a two-hour music program. Anne of Egmond, the programme fills with music on television and radio less and less often hear is: jazz, chansons and cabaret. It is a genre that is her on the radio a loyal fan base in return. “These fans can now indulge in the same genre, but also features unique archival footage”, announces US.

Anne van Egmond stopped two years ago against her sentence with the radio. She was nineteen years to hear from the regional transmitter in the North of Holland, where they ended up after her departure with the KRO. Her distinctive voice has been linked to dozens of radio programs, such as, for example Tombola, With Anne and Address Unknown.

US, in september 2015 on Dutch television. The channel is a continuation of the nostalgic channel NostalgieNet and send programs that look back on the past and feature films and series from the broadcasters ‘ archives.

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