Angelina Jolie is the mother of Peter Pan

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Angelina Jolie and David Oyelowo are in discussions for a married couple to play in the film Come Away, a precursor to Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland.

Angelina Jolie

Come Away will the live-action debut for the director of Brave, Brenda Chapman. The prequel is about Peter and Alice that are like a brother and sister grow up and their parents – played by Jolie and Oyelowo to support, after the older brother of the family dies.

“Angelina and David have great chemistry and a deep connection, and will the public outside of the normal world to let”, says director Chapman against a Deadline.

“Brenda is a unique verhalenvertelster,” says Marissa Kate Goodhill, writer of the script. “She has decades of experience in creating fantasiewerelden with complex characters. She is really a droomregisseur for this project. By her thoughtful way of shooting, and her amazing talent, she is the perfect person to bring this story to life.”

Jolie is currently busy with the sequel to Maleficent, together with tegenspeelster Elle Fanning.

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