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According to tennis legend John McEnroe is missing David Goffin one property to the best of the best to measure

David Goffin is a player with a lot of class and talent but with the very best measure, he comes to power shortage. That takes at least John McEnroe, who is Belgium’s number 1 at Roland Garros within the quarter-finals looks to achieve.

“Goffin for the length of an extraordinary player. He has so much talent and is undoubtedly one of the guys that are the most pure on the ball. He knows clearly what he is doing on the ground, on which surface it is. He is more intelligent and faster than most players, but he will be power shortage to compete with the best. The giants of the race track, genre, Del Potro and cheney, who may him with their heavy blows of the terrain generator. And then there are the Rafa and the Djokovics, who it can be exhausting,” says the American.

Goffin (ATP 9) plays Friday for a place in the eighth finals against Frenchman Gael Monfils (ATP 37). If he had two match wins, the Liège as well as in 2016. When he was in the last eight in Paris. Still do better according to McEnroe, himself a finalist at Roland Garros in 1984, a heavy command.

“I know his draw is not from the head, but I think that Novak in his tabelhelft and there are angry customers. I believe that he is the quarter-finals, it can reach but it would surprise me if he still doorstoot. But seen him last year here’s what happened (problem after a turned ankle, red) and then his injury in Rotterdam (after a ball in the eye, red), I hope that he is here, can distinguish. He clearly has his place in the top ten.”

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