Academic and feminist: “Punishments for rape should be reduced’

The Australian scientist, writer and feminist Germaine Greer has some of the remarkable statements made. So she wants the punishment for rape is lower, and finds that the society is rape not as a spectacular, serious crime’ must see, but if a ‘lazy, reckless and senseless’ act.

“Rape is rarely a violent crime and would be punished with 200 hours of service to the community.’ Writer and academic Germaine Greer knows that her statements are controversial: “I hear the feminists call: you banaliseert rape.’ Yet she finds it necessary to bring her vision to share. At the literary Hay festival in Great Britain suggested to them to have the letter ‘r’ (of the rapist or rapist, ed.) tatooed on the hand, arm or cheek of the culprit. A much more efficient way than a long litigation.

Greer is convinced that rape is ubiquitous, but that the legal system can’t deal with the crime. It is, according to her, often down to the fact whether or not consent was given. Victims are thus reduced to ‘pieces of evidence’. Lawsuits continue to take – ‘women are thus longer time humiliated’ – and there are too few convictions, according to the Australian. There is, therefore, according to Greer, a radical change is needed.

Penis is not a deadly weapon

“Instead of rape, seen as a spectacular and serious crime – and some rapes are, of course, you have to rape see it as sex without consent or bad sex. There is no communication, affection or love.”

“You may want to believe that a penis is a deadly weapon and women live in fear for that weapon. Well, that’s bullshit. A man can not kill you with his penis.’

If there are clear signs of violence, according to Greer heavier sentences, but the academic notes that ‘the majority of rapes have no injuries.” In court it comes down to word against word. “If we say: believe us, if we want that our word is sufficient proof, then the punishment for rape be reduced.’

The academic also notes that a lot of verkrachtingszaken in the current justice system will never come to light. Each time that a man on his exhausted wife creeps and insists to please him, is that rape. That will never be in the courtroom in the end.’

Greer spoke at the festival about how they as 18-year-old self being raped, it was. They filed no complaint with the police.

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