A warden warned Saturday for Herman

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LIEGE – A warden of the prison where the shooter of Liège was stranded, on Saturday in a report to the executive board raised concerns about his radicalisation, report Belgian media. Nevertheless, he was allowed Monday to 36 hours to leave. Benjamin Herman shot three people to death, among whom two female agents. He applies as a prime suspect of a fourth murder.

The gevangenisbewaarder wrote, according to the Sudpresse newspapers that Herman’s behavior had changed since he dealt with a dangerous fellow prisoner, the radicalised Yassine D. In Belgium are a lot of questions about the leave arrangements and (the lack of) combat radicalisation in prison.

Herman’s name came indirectly in intelligence reports about radicalization, but according to the government, there were not enough reasons for him to leave, to refuse or sharp eye to keep.

The 31-year-old Belgian would in 2012 have converted to islam. He cried several times, ’Allahu Akbar’ before the cops get him doodschoot.

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