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ZCash “Overwinter” Update – Not a Hard Fork expected

The ZCash Team Zooko Wilcox. last Friday, the network Upgrade “Overwinter” for the 25 June 2018, it was announced. It is not expected that the update leads to a Hard Fork of the Blockchain and creating a new crypto-currency.

Already at the beginning of December 2017, the ZCash Team has released the Roadmap for 2018. In the Blog Post from the 02.03.2018 were now given further Details known. Overwinter is intended to include, inter alia, improvements in the version management, the Replay protection for network Upgrades, performance improvements for transparent transactions, and a new function for the sequence of transactions.

In contrast to Upgrades in the case of Bitcoin, there will be in ZCash, according to the development team is very likely to not Hard Fork. The ZCash Software needs to be updated by all users. This is especially true for people who have run a Full Node and configured manually. Only if the Client was manually configured so that the old Code continues to run, could, in theory, create a parallel structure.

Overwinter is currently for the 25. June 2018 is planned. As in our post about the Roadmap for 2018 written, will not Overwinter remain the only Upgrade, the Zcash this year. A second Upgrade, “Sapling” is intended to be implemented according to the Roadmap until September 2018. Sapling is to reduce the necessary storage requirements for private transactions, and a fix for zk-snarks, which provides the Blockchain and the underlying cryptography.

Together with Monero ZCash is still one of the most popular “Privacy-Coins”, which support full encryption of the sender, the recipient and the transaction amount.

Grayscale Investments, we have a couple of weeks ago reported, in February, a forecast that Zcash may be increasing in the next seven years to $ 60,000. The forecast is based on the assumption that in the future, 10 percent of the world’s Offshore assets could be invested in Zcash.

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