Who replaces Eva home cooked apple pie in August?

08018d82b46c9aa70749043d7ba1efa0 - Who replaces Eva home cooked apple pie in August?

It is clear by now that Eva is home cooked apple pie stops her talk show on August 3, to from than of her maternity leave to enjoy. But who is replacing her on the squad, remains a question.

Eva home cooked apple pie go from 3 August with maternity leave

On NPO Radio 2 wanted a home cooked apple pie Wednesday not tell you who the presentation of the late talk show on is going to take between 3 August and 21 september. “Then there is something else that to me replaces. We are working on. I can not tell because it is not finished yet and around.”

Eva has already had a taste of the free time that they are then available to her: they had three months free. “If you have the talk show to do and then you do nothing else for three months. That is a way of life, super tasty and delicious. It is also very nice to get out there.”

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