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Westminster Abbey has a new tower at

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Westminster Abbey is one of the most popular tourist attractions of London. A brand new tower provides them access to a hidden room, fifty feet above the ground.

A new wing or tower to add to an old building lures usually only criticisms. But the Weston Tower, the latest addition to Westminster Abbey, looks like applause is to be welcomed. The British press was allowed to him yesterday to visit and is enthusiastic about the glass wall, all in gothic small diamonds, and the bronze decoration which the pointed arches of the old church echoing.

The Weston Tower is a bit hidden: sixteen feet above the ground, above the nave of the church, between the chapter house from the thirteenth century and the Lady Chapel from the sixteenth century. In addition, the tower is highly functional. Starting June 11, visitors can through the new tower in the triforium touch, the wooden gallery which until now was hidden under the roof, accessible only to maintenance personnel that a piece of can climb.

In the triforium the Abbey finally a part of her art treasures to show to visitors. The space is renamed to the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Galleries and next to church treasures, there are also many objects from the royal family to see.

Westminster Abbey is a ‘royal peculiar’ – not ‘strange royal’, but no English for a church that is fully under the supervision of the British royal family. There are crowns and tiara’s for the lovers of bling, a part of the Magna Carta for geschiedenisfreaks and begrafenispoppen of British kings, where children love it – the scary images were carried through the streets as a royal funeral.

Last but not least: Meghan Markle left there last week, its trouwboeket on the back of the memorial for the unknown soldier, and the marriage certificate of her and Harry it’s already long queues, observing eyes.

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