Wende Snijders has its own festival in Carré

8a31fa77c8b75221f64d8bac61391741 - Wende Snijders has its own festival in Carré

Blaudzun, National Opera & Ballet, fashion designer David Laport and singer Jeangu Macrooy on Thursday evening October 4, all in the Carré theatre in Amsterdam. Carré organizes the evening Wende’s Kaleidoscope together with Wende Snijders, who also occurs.

Wende Snijders

The singer wants the audience during her own festival of new worlds to discover and delight with concerts, modern dance, a lecture and a fashion show. Not only the scene, but the entire ring of Carré is used.

“If there is a house where a wealth of variety comes together, then it is in Carré”, declare Wende. “In addition, it is just a fat beautiful room. That I so last year, I asked if huiskunstenaar has me tremendously honored, and to this connection to add power should I October 4, organize a festival, in which we show our love for the gathering of the diversity to show. And also just a wonderful show drop course.”

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