USA: dozens of Talibanleiders killed

8f45a68b7ae853c2d56e4f59efd26e82 - USA: dozens of Talibanleiders killed

KABUL – By a artilleriebeschieting according to the U.s. army more than fifty Talibancommandanten to the life in Afghanistan. A legerwoordvoerder said that a meeting of the insurgents under fire is taken in the southern province of Helmand.

Archive photo of American troops in Afghanistan.

At the meeting would Talibancommandanten from different provinces have gathered. “We think that the meeting was intended to have the following steps to plan”, said the spokesman of the American forces in Afghanistan. He said that earlier this month several other Talibancommandanten have been killed in operations.

The Taliban do the reading of the Americans as “propaganda.” A spokesman for the insurgents said that two houses are bombarded, with five civilians killed as a result. “This area was inhabited by citizens. There was no connection with the Taliban.”

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