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Ultimate tip for your forecast: scientists previous times equal had to predict now the world cup final without Belgium

Currently circulating a lot of pronostieken for the world cup. We serve now already a ultimate tip: believer or not, do not put all your money in on our Red Devils. On Sunday 15 July will be Germany and Brazil in the Russian capital Moscow in the final of the world cup compete for the world championship. At least, that is the prediction of a group of scientists from the University of Innsbruck. The Red Devils are in the Austrian model on the sixth place in the kanshebbersrangschikking.

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The scientists during their study with a number of parameters into account, such as the results of recent competitions, the world cup draw and the prediction of 26 online bookmakers. Also kortetermijnontwikkelingen, injuries of players, for example, were included in the research.

The most probable finale is a duel between Germany and Brazil. That is a re-release of the semi-finals of four years ago, that Germany with an unbelievable 7-1 score won. Of all the world cup participants Brazil (16,6%) the most likely to the cup in the air to cross, closely followed by defending champion Germany (15,8%). Spain (12,5%) and France (12,1%) complete the top four. Argentina (8,4%), losing finalist in 2014, is fifth, Belgium (7,3%). England (4,9%), opponent of the Devils in the group stage, as the seventh. Panama and Tunisia, are also two opponents in the pools, dangle with less than 0.1% of the chances at the end.

The Austrian model turned out in the past, not from the fanciful. In 2010, predicted the Spanish world title and four years later had the three of the four semi-finalists correct. “But our scientific predictions can be very wrong”, in perspective of the researchers. “Fortunately, otherwise it would be the world cup but boring.”

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