TO Hatch: all points on terror

LIÈGE – It is very likely that Benjamin Herman yesterday out of terrorist motives of the others. He called several times, Allahu Akbar, attack with a knife on the agents points to an IS-like approach and there are indications that he is in prison radicalised.

That, the Belgian justice this morning in a press conference. This is his repulsive act officially still not terrorism, but the researchers are still very expressly. Also any links with IS to be investigated.

Herman (31) killed yesterday two agents and a young man who happens to per car passed. The agents were first attacked with a knife and then shot with their own weapon. The man was shot before Herman sought refuge in a school. When he came out he was shot.


Herman was on leave and had normally spoken last night in the jail report. The man is now officially suspected of the murder Monday night of a well-known of him from the drug world: minister Jambon has already confirmed that he is indeed Michael Wilmet to the life brought. It is being investigated if he is under the influence was before he was on his murderous journey began.

The shooter from the town of Rochefort, if the prison on Monday, temporarily leave, to prepare for a final release in 2020. The 36-year-old man was detained since 2003, more or less continuously in prison, mostly for smaller crimes like theft and drug offences.

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