Thursday, the final of Grillmasters

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On Thursday 31 may and cross the three remaining Grillmasters duo’s for the last time their barbecue.
The lat is during the exciting finale of Grillmasters very high and the candidates need everything from the cabinet to Peter and Seppe to convince. The chefs expect nothing less than culinary dishes, original recipes and the necessary spectacle, a grand finale. The candidates were given a week time to a sublime three-course meal in each other stitches that these expectations should be meet. But even before the three duo’s on their final dishes to start, Peter and Seppe is an important notice, which is irrevocable for even more stress for the candidates.

Ineke and Sofie for the first time the pizza is ready on the barbecue and this seems to be for problems. Nick & Kevin start calm, confident, and on their appetizers, but quickly realize that they are a notch will need to bijsteken. Marc and Mario choose for refined dishes, so they still face an uphill battle with the time concern. Happy diving there are some old friends to cheer for the combative candidates during their last sprint to the final stage. It promises to be a nerve-racking final to be only calm, the candidates seem to save. Who knows, keep a cool head and allowed the Golden Grillmastergrill to take home?

Grillmasters the finale, Thursday, may 31, to 20u35 on FOUR

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