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The red Devils remain in the King baudouin stadium to play, the new turf is ready

The Red Devils practice Saturday at the King baudouin stadium against Portugal on a new turf, so it was Wednesday at Tubize announced at the signing of the new contract between the City of Brussels and the Royal Belgian Football association (belgian football association) concerning the use of the stadium.

Monday night it was the new agreement was approved on the Brussels city council. It comes to a new contract for one year, tacitly renewed can be, as confirmed Brussels alderman of Sports Alain Courtois (MR). “It is, therefore, no contract extension, or a new agreement. With the advent of the NEO-project, we don’t know exactly what will happen and therefore it was not opportune a long-term agreement. Once the work on the Heizelvlakte start, the accessibility of the stadium and the safety is at risk. But the work on the NEO project are therefore not yet begun.”

A few years ago, when the dream of the Eurostadion not yet uiteengespat, showed Courtois is understood that for the King baudouin stadium, no future. “We are prepared to devote to all projects to listen to. It is always the ambition of the city to the Red Devils in the Belgian and European capital. The city may at this time, a stadium, a stadium that with of 47,000 spectators at the capaciteitseisen meets.”

The only stadium for more than 25,000 spectators

Also royal belgian football association-chairman Gérard Linard was for the opportunity to the national training centre travels. A year ago, he was still a commotion by after his election as back to suggest that the Red Devils for their matches could also flee to abroad, just over the borders in Lille or Rotterdam. Insofar as it was not, further than Liege and Bruges was not gone. “We are pleased with this agreement: the King baudouin stadium is the only stadium in Belgium with a capacity of more than 25,000 spectators. In a different stadium, we can’t all our fans receive. In addition, the city of Brussels with the construction of the new turf an effort will be made”, said the back.


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Saturday 2 June will receive the Red Devils European champion Portugal, Wednesday 6 June, Egypt on Monday 11 June is Costa Rica’s opponent in the uitwuifwedstrijd for the departure to the world cup 2018 in Russia. The belgian football association will pay for each match, 120,000 euros to the city of Brussels for the use of the King baudouin stadium.

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