The BAND asks Zoutelanders for Concert at Sea

83ef1137f9de0632df97c61810f270d2 - The BAND asks Zoutelanders for Concert at Sea

A playful action of the BAND: the band invites all the inhabitants of Zoutelande for Concert at Sea. Zoutelanders may on Thursday, June 28, in for free at the festival at the Brouwersdam in Zeeland.

Residents receive this week a letter with a free ticket for Concert at Sea. The Zeeland village has a total of 1631 inhabitants. “The song Zoutelande was for months the radio store, or was on repeat in the local Zoutelandse hospitality industry. We are happy to the success of the song together with you as a resident to celebrate, or the slightly with your make up if you like the song no more can hear,” writes the BAND in the letter.

The BAND is in the organization of Concert at Sea, and scored last year with the number of Zoutelande the biggest hit in the history of the band. The number, which, together with the Belgian singer Geike Arnaert was recorded, was ten weeks at number 1 in the Dutch Top 40. Also in Belgium was a big hit: there was the single six weeks at the top of the charts.

If the people from Zoutelande take advantage of the free card, then they can at the festival, also try a special beer: Zoutelande Blond. As in previous editions, provides the Zeeland band also this year a private beer during a Concert at Sea.

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