Tesla on auto-pilot,’ ramming police car

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A driver in California was injured when his Tesla a police car a total loss, reed. According to the local police would be the automatic pilot of the sports car have risen. It would have been this year already the third time that a Tesla in the auto-pilot on a still noodvoertuig drive.

A Tesla reed Tuesday morning local time in a police car which was parked in Laguna Beach, in the U.s. state of California. The driver got slightly wounded in the face by pieces of broken glass, the police car was, according to the police, a total loss.

According to sergeant Jim Cota, the local police explained to the driver that his Tesla at the time of the accident on auto-pilot.

As the research confirmed, it would be the third time since January that a Tesla is on automatic pilot on a parked vehicle of the emergency services drive. Earlier this month drove a Tesla Model S into a stopped fire truck in Utah. Another Tesla of the same model crashed in January, even against a stationary truck on the motorway in Los Angeles.

The accidents harm the image of the company, and Elon Musk is not satisfied with the attention they receive in the media. He launched therefore even the idea of creating a site to start, where readers a rating can give – or, as Musk describes as a ‘geloofwaardigheidsscore’ – journalists, articles, or media companies.

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