“Team Kuipers after error rightly sent home’

Of course, hopes Björn Kuipers on the final battle of the world cup, but the Dutch referee is realistic. “The final result is a dream, but it is unpredictable. A world cup whistle more klasbakken.”

Björn Kuipers in action during the Spain-Croatia at the european CHAMPIONSHIPS in 2016.

Team Kuipers had on the previous world cup in Brazil, with three matches in charge. Since the Netherlands are the last four achieved, was the finale not feasible. In Russia it is different, because Orange does not count.

High fives

Kuipers outlines the tension of the moments in which the arbitrators will be appointed. “Then we’re all in a room and comes Massimo Shot, the FIFA head of referees, the ‘appointments’ to do. We give each other really do “high fives” if we have a match and it also happens to be beautiful. Like four years ago, the cracker between England and Italy, and the eighth final match between Colombia and Uruguay in the Maracanã Stadium.”

The trio has been running for a while. “We know by now how it works. At the european CHAMPIONSHIPS in France, we have made an error in the match between Spain and Croatia. When a penalty kick was the Croatian keeper asked his line. We are then rightly sent home. That’s why we say: every match at a world cup is beautiful and we are successful if we are invisible and the players can shine.”

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