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Study: Every Second under 35 thinks about investing in Bitcoin & co.

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A study of the Postbank has shown that about one third of all Germans think about it, investing in Bitcoin or other crypto-currencies. In the under 35-Year-old, it was almost every Second. The survey also sheds light on how many Germans have actually crypto-currencies.

The Postbank commissioned a study to learn more about who is willing to invest in crypto-currencies – or, at least, who think about it. Overall, the Postbank respondents 3.100 Federal citizens, a number that is valid according to the Postbank as a “representative of the population”.

The result: in Total, every third German Cryptocurrencies keeps for an interesting money system, the under-35-Year-old, it was every Second. The reasons for this is the independence of the monetary policy of the Central banks, the prospect of high yields and with crypto-currencies related to anonymity. For every five prospects emotional reasons such as thrill and the “gold digger-Feeling were also” to invest in a relatively new, digital form of investment.

Dr. Thomas lack as Chief Digital Officer, Chief Digital Officer of the Postbank finds this remarkable:

“It is noteworthy that the German interest in crypto-currencies as a financial investment, despite the high exchange rate losses, and Revelator risk is still great. Here is a real danger that people will lose money, just because you follow a Hype is with security.“

Of the respondents, every fifth German citizens also stated that with crypto-currencies good or very good to know about. However, the rule still concern. So 56 percent of the respondents say that the risk was too high, while half recognises that you are familiar with crypto-currencies is too little. Almost 30 percent of the respondents had to be currencies, concerns about the technology: Crypto “purely virtual”, you also have a fear of hackers. Also lack of control and protection of the potential investors to stop investing: a 30 percent stated that they were withholding the missing deposits, the protection of an investment, while 29 per cent complained of the lack of state control.

Digital Natives have more Cryptocurrencies than the average

The study also showed that it is mainly young people, the crypto-currencies:

“With six per cent, the so-called ‘Digital Natives’ currencies ‘ twice as often Cryptographic as the average of the total population. In the next twelve months, a further 14 per cent of the 18 to – to 34-Year-old crypto-currencies. Across all age groups, this is only eight percent.“

Conclusion: Because what is to come.

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