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Studio 100 presents technical world first for spektakelmusical 40-45

The brand new Studio 100-spectacle 40-45 is a technical first in the world, with moving stands and headphones for each visitor. Also, blind and visually impaired people can therefore qualify to the musical, which is in the autumn in Pure premiere.

Studio 100 put the bar high with the previous spectacle 14-18. The company was then already working together with the June WIcreations for the technical side. Together they do there this time even further.

Gert Verhulst suggested Wednesday, itself a prototype of the new driving stands for. In contrast to previous times, now they can in all directions drive. A headset per visitor makes the experience complete, also for the blind and visually impaired, which for the first time a musical will be able to follow with audiodescriptie.

The musical is on October 7, premiered at a specially built pop-location in Puurs. There will be eight running bleachers, running in a total of nearly 1.700 people can sit.

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