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Stoffel Vandoorne: “I’m still the future of McLaren”


The performance of Vandoorne, and by extension McLaren, do not meet the high expectations that were there in the run-up to the new F1 season. In addition, there was last week, the Canadian businessman Michael Russell that a whopping 200 million pounds in the McLaren Group invested. Indeed, the father of Nicholas Russell who is currently an F1 test driver with Force India.

The past few days, there was a lot to do around Stoffel Vandoorne his future in Formula 1. According to some, Russell seat to Vandoorne in 2019 join in, but was caught by father Russell and McLaren dismissed as pure speculation.

According to Thierry Boutsen must Vandoorne is urgent in the spotlight riding for team-mate and double F1 champion Fernando Alonso once to beat. Stoffel Vandoorne, however, not be distracted by such statements.

“There, I think, not really,” said Vandoorne in a conversation with Sporza. “I focus on my own performance, I think that’s more important. I want everything out of my car.”

Then Vandoorne once again confirmed that he and McLaren for the long term, also said racedirecteur Eric Boullier in the past that no one is sure of a racezitje for 2019.

“I have a long contract with McLaren. I’m so not to worry. I am especially waiting for the day that I really with a competitive car racing.”

At the same time realizes Vandoorne also that the Formula 1 is a very hard world in which nothing is sure. A contract you have, but it can also quickly be torn in pieces …

“A contract in the Formula 1 remains a contract in the Formula 1, of course. You should perform. The team has reasonable confidence in me. I’m don’t care.”

Unlike a lot of Belgian F1 fans makes Vandoorne so don’t worry about his F1 future, and specifically his future with the McLaren F1 team. Our fellow countryman wants to prefer McLaren to continue and be successful.

“I think I’m still the future of the team. I don’t see really someone who is on the slide. Reserverijder Landon Norris? It is still much too early to talk about it. I focus on myself. That is the only way to get ahead again.”

That he is currently often is compared with Alonso, that also realises Vandoorne. Vandoorne confirmed also in Monaco for the first time that Alonso indeed regulated components other than him, something that already speculations were.

“He rides sometimes with a few other parts, yes. Lot of difference doesn’t matter. And between us there is nothing wrong, no,” decided Vandoorne.

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