Stars cheer prematurely end Roseanne to

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Tv producers and hollywood stars have expressed their support for the end of the sitcom Roseanne. The reboot of the popular hit series from the 80’s doesn’t return after racist tweet of actress Roseanne Barr.

Roseanne Barr

“She has gotten what she deserves,” according to showrunner Shonda Rhimes, the television programmes as Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal came up. “As my 4-year-old explanation: you make choices in your actions. Roseanne has made a choice. A racist. ABC has made a choice. A human.” She added to life with all the innocent people on the show worked, and here now suffer.

Roseannes ex-husband and ex-castlid of the sitcom Tom Arnold showed know respect for Bob Iger, ceo of Disney, that owns ABC network. “A difficult decision with financial consequences for the company, but it is right for America.” Guardians of The Galaxy director James Gunn responded on Twitter to accusations that ABC’s Roseanne, the mouth caused. “I wish that people understood what freedom of speech is and what is not. Roseanne can say what she wants. That does not mean that ABC her show need to continue to fund.”

Josh Gad tweeted: “I really hope that there is a day coming that we have the values we expect of our actors, producers, religious leaders, authorities and hardworking people, also the standard for our president.” Will & Grace actress Debra Brass reported in tears. “I am so relieved and grateful. The hate from the vicinity of Trump is requires a toll on our soul. I didn’t think it would happen, I had no confidence in. Thank you, ABC.”

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