Simon Cowell sends fellow-member of the jury away after ’misplaced’ joke

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Judge and comedian David Walliams usually gets them laughing on his hand. But Simon Cowell sent him away after a joke that he is too far found.

Simon Cowell can’t laugh

On the question of who is Simon Cowell the best would replace, wrote the other three members of the jury their answer on a plate. Where Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon for himself chose, wrote to David Walliams on his plate ’Amanda, because they have it with each other”.

When Simon Cowell behind him came, he jumped out of his skin. “You’ve gone too far”, he responded. After a heated discussion, in which Cowell him in his face threw that he was a ’nasty man’ was, he sent him to the hall. To which Walliams himself did not know. “Good, because I now have a dinner party with Russell Crowe.” What is not a joke seemed to be, because the 54-year-old actor was indeed by fans in the audience spotted it.

Media and fans point out that Walliams may be inviolable felt, after Simon Cowell about him had said that he “did not dismiss”. “How annoying he can be, he and the show are a perfect match.”

Alesha Dixon, Amanda Holden, Simon Cowell, Declan Donnelly and David Walliams

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