Russian journalist shot dead in Kiev

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Arkady Babtsjenko, a Russian journalist and writer who very was critical of the Kremlin, was Tuesday night shot dead in Kiev. He lived there in exile.

The man felt threatened after taking on the role of Russia in the conflict in the east of Ukraine to the jaw had set. The police of Kiev immediately said that the main hypothesis was related with his profession. Babtsjenko was a former Russian soldier, who in the wars in Chechnya has fought, and who afterwards became a well respected and experienced oorlogsreporter.

The murder sends a shock wave through the journalistic world, in Russia and Ukraine. It is not the first time that a journalist who emigrated to Kiev because of his views on the Russian government in mysterious circumstances comes to life. On July 20, 2016 have dropped the Russian-belarusian journalist Pavel Sjeremet life when he through the center of Kiev, reed, and a bomb exploded under his vehicle. The crime is still not elucidated.

Arkady Babtsjenko was at his home and murdered in a suburb of Kiev, says the spokesman of the national police, Yaroslav Trakalo. ‘His wife was in the bathroom when they have a dry bang heard. When she buitenkwam, she saw her husband bleeding, ” said Trakalo. According to the spokesman died the journalist when he went to the hospital was transferred.

“The most important and most obvious pathway is that of his professional activities,” said Andrei Krisjtsjenko, the politiebaas of Kiev, to news agency Interfax-Ukraine.

“Thousands of threats’

Babtsjenko fought as a Russian soldier in the two wars in Chechnya. Then he became a journalist, in which he extremely was critical of the Kremlin. He wrote about the wars in the Russian Kaukasusrepubliek in the book ” The Color of War’, which in English is published. After his departure from Moscow he has worked with oppositiekrant Novaya Gazeta.

Babtsjenko reported from the east of Ukraine, where the conflict between the Ukrainian army and pro-Russian separatists more than ten thousand dead demanded in four years. He lamented the role of Russia. He endorsed the statement of Kiev and the West, Russia, the rebels military support – what in Moscow on denial collides.

The journalist, left Russia in February 2017. He spoke of a ‘terrible campaign’ against him, whereby he ‘harassed’ was after he was on social media had published about the crash of a Russian military aircraft by the end of 2016 that was on the way to Syria. The journalist, who said that he had ” thousands of’ threats it has received, lived afterwards in the Czech republic, Israel, and so Ukraine.

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