Roseanne Barr wants no pity after cancel series

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Roseanne Barr is not waiting for pity now she can by ABC, the transmitter is removed after the fuss about a racist found tweet.

“Don’t pity me,” writes the actress on Twitter. “I want to apologize for the hundreds of people, and great (liberal) writers and talented actors who have lost their jobs because of my stupid tweet.”Barr says Friday additional explanation in the podcast, actor and comedian Joe Rogan.

The 65-year-old Barr made Tuesday in a tweet a hint on the origin and religion of Valerie Jarrett, the former advisor of former president Barack Obama. Jarrett has an African American background and is muslim.

As a result of that tweet, decided to ABC, the network that Roseanne sends, that there is no new season to come of the series. Barr offered in a statement her to apologize to Jarrett, and ABC. “I’m sorry that I’m a joke I made that no idea where I stand. I love everyone and I’m sorry.”


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