Roseanne Barr: ’Defend me’

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Roseanne Barr wants no pity now they by ABC from the transmitter is removed after the fuss about her racist found tweet. On Twitter, she responds extensively on the controversy and offers them on several occasions her to apologize to the staff of the show.

Roseanne Barr

“Don’t pity me, guys! I want to apologize for the hundreds of people, and great (liberal) writers and talented actors who have lost their jobs because of my stupid tweet”, tweeted she. She adds that they Friday extra comments in a podcast of Joe Rogan.

In the controversial tweet that led to her resignation floats Roseanne the spot with Valerie Jarrett. The actress made an allusion to Jarretts afro-American background and her religion, islam. After a spijtbetuiging on Twitter, the comedian Tuesday night in an official statement her excuses offered, so read on Buzzfeed.

“Hope for forgiveness”

“I have great regrets of my comment on Twitter. First of all, I would like to apologize to Valerie Jarrett, on ABC, and the rest of the cast and crew of the Roseanne show. I’m sorry for making a thoughtless joke that isn’t consistent with my values. I love all people and I regret it. By my words, hundreds of people lost their jobs. I also want to apologize to my audience that my work for decades has embraced. The excuses come straight from my heart and I hope for forgiveness.”

Roseanne reacts in multiple tweets on the responses. “Hello all, defend not me. It is sweet of you, but the loss of my show is nothing compared to be labeled as a racist by one tweet where I very much regret.” She continues: “I did something that is unforgivable, so defend me.” She also calls for ABC not to boycott. “They have the right to do what they want. It’s ok.”

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