Riyadh stricter against sexual harassment

RIYADH – Saudi Arabia, women now in the ultraconservatieve country are becoming more active participation in public life, stricter action against sexual harassment. Riyadh has a new law presented that makes it possible for such offences, terms of imprisonment to up to five years. Also, the fines for violations up to a maximum of 700.000 euro.

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The ministry of Information, on Wednesday announced that the Saudi government with the draft law, individual dignity and personal freedom, islamic law, guarantees, protects. Latifa al-Shaalan, who, as a member of Shura-the advisory board contributed to the establishment, said that now a large hole in the legislation is poem what is a deterrent effect it will have.

King Salman had the measure already been announced, when it was known that the women would be allowed to drive a car. That is from the 24th of June was officially the case.

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