Relationship Martijn Krabbé with the dancer Noi Pakon Schuijffel past

Martijn Krabbé (50) is single. His relationship with the 38-year-old dancer Noi Pakon Schuijffel, since a few months.

That tells the The-Voice-presenter on Private. “I will honestly say that there is currently no woman in my life,” said Krabbé. “I am mainly happy with myself.”

Krabbé was since 2015 along with Schuijffel. The two got to know each other via Facebook. During their relationship loads them multiple times a relatiepauze in.

He thinks that a new love “him, is there really any time, it will happen”. “I’m not afraid of it. For now it is good.”

Violent quarrels

Currently living in the presenter together with his son, Bickel (18). “We’re often at each other’s lip. In the beginning wanted that sometimes collide, and we could best violent quarrels, but the last three years, we have that, fortunately, no more problems. I think that best good for a father and an adolescent.”

Bickel is the son of Krabbé and his ex-wife Amanda Beekman. They were also children, Michelle (13), Jasmine (11) and Achilles (8). They live with their mother, who in 2015 married Harrie Coal. Coal was Beekman, another son, named David.

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