‘Red card at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS on the basis of videoscheids’

8108eced2141b0d349d042ce8bf01716 - 'Red card at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS on the basis of videoscheids'

Referees on the world cup soccer red cards to hand out on the basis of observations of the videoarbiter (VAR).

The VAR.

That said David Elleray, technical director of the international spelregelcommissie IFAB in The Times. ,,If there is something happened in a place where the ball has not, and is still under the attention of the VAR, or his assistant, than he can the referee is informed. That may be the player of the field to send even though there is already some time,” said Elleray.

,,We will not assume that this will often happen, it is only for very serious offences,” says Elleray. The tournament in Russia, that on the 14th June begins, it is the first world cup where videoarbitrage.

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