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Rate analysis: Tops and Flops of the week (week 9) and Outlook KW 10

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The Motto of the last week could call for the majority of the Top 20 crypto-capitalization currencies market as a “Forward in the sideways trend”. Except of Bitcoin, Monero and NANO, which showed a clear upward trend, and Cardano, Ethereum Classic and VeChain, which suffered double-digit losses, there were no significant rate changes within the Top 20.

This trend is also reflected in the entire crypto currency market. At the time of writing half of the Top 200 crypto-currencies, namely, 108 currencies in the “green” area are approximate.

The total market capitalization shows a similar picture. In particular, the price increase of Bitcoin worn, the total market capitalization this week, slightly, from 431 billion to 454 billion US dollars to increase.

The winner of the week*

DigixDAO (+ 48 Percent)*

DigixDAO heard this week of the biggest winners. A DGD is traded to the reaction time for about 421 euros*. The rate of DigixDAO increased over the past week to 48 percent.

DigixDAO is referred to in the crypto world, often as a “Distributed Autonomous organization” of Ethereum. Digix has created two different Ethereum-based Token: DGX and DGD. DGX is supposed to be the future gold standard within the Ethereums Ecosystem.

A DGX-Token should correspond to one gram of LBMA Standard Gold. For this purpose there is a quarterly inspection by Bureau Veritas, which conducts an independent audit of the gold reserves. The DGD-Token is used for voting within the “organization”. As a reward for voting, the owner will receive rewards in connection with the DGX. A detailed description of how this process works, click here.

It is noteworthy from our point of view, that DigixDAO has, contrary to all trends in the market since November of 2018, a steady and sometimes rapid growth, such as the 1-year Chart shows.

NANO (+ 26 percent)*

Like last week, this week belongs to NANO for us once again to the winners of the week. Apparently still inspired by the positive messages of the penultimate week, was able to NANO this week, once again, to 26 percent. Currently a NANO for € 12.10* is traded.

Thus, the recovery of the Bitgrail Hack seems to be continuing. Penultimate week, the NANO Team was able to also celebrate the release of a Beta Version of the mobile Android wallet in the Google Play Store. In addition, the Live had integrated Streaming video portal Twitch, which is used primarily for the Transmission of video play, NANO on its platform.

This week, the NANO got positive Publicity from no less than Charlie Lee, founder of Litecoin. Lee praised NANO for its technology and then received prompt criticism from the Litecoin community.

Litecoin founder advertises for NANO, Fans of LTC are mad

TRON (+ 18 percent)*

TRON was since the beginning of February in a sideways trend. This week could have been to see a first approach of the upward trend. The reason for this could be the listing at Bittrex have been, on the other hand, the upcoming Launch of TRON Testnet, which for the 31. March 2018 is planned.

TRON will be listed on Bittrex, the launch of the Mainnet within reach

Bitcoin (+ 16 Percent)*

With 16 percent growth in the Price of Bitcoin is for us, the biggest winner of the week. The reaction time of the course is for a BTC at around 9.127 Euro. Although BTC cannot provide the percentage of increase of the greatest rate. In absolute terms, Bitcoin was able to expand this week, its market dominance, but about 41 percent. While the other Top 10 crypto-currencies (with the exception of Monero, which has displaced IOTA of space 10) showed this week in a Sideways upward trend, could Bitcoin on the rise of the SegWit retract messages strong gains.

The Bitcoin domination was the last at the end of December 2017, about 40 percent, and could reach this week, therefore, on a Two-month High:

A possible reason for the upward trend in the progressive implementation of SegWit is certainly. The proportion of SegWit transactions in the total Bitcoin transaction volume has increased in the past week, from about 15 to about 29 percent (on 04.03.2018). As transactions in the Bitcoin network to function, what characteristics are there and what is the influence of SegWit on the network, we have declared this week in detail.

Bitcoin transaction costs continue to fall: as low as not more

The losers of the week*

VeChain (- 20 Percent)*

In the past week, the VeChain Rebranding has taken place to VeChain Thor. In spite of the from our point of view consistently successful event and the confirmation of the rumor that VeChain and BMW will cooperate (in which way ever), broke in the course of VEN this week to 20 percent.

VeChain indicates Rebranding Event in partnership with BMW

An obvious reason for this is there is not, in our view. VeChain is currently trading for a price of 3.70 euros*.

In contrast to most of the other crypto-currencies VeChain has cases already today, numerous real-world application. In the future, it is likely many More will be added.

From our point of view VeChain is, therefore, a crypto-currency, which due to their practical applicability, have great potential. In this respect, the current price decline, in our view, would provide a good opportunity to a low-rate, true to the Motto “buy low, sell high”.

Still VeChain is one of the lesser-known currencies within the Top 20. With increasing public interest, for example by BMW, however, this could change soon.

Ethereum Classic (- 15 Percent)*

Contrary to expectations, the Ethereum Classic rates fell this week to 15 percent. In spite of the upcoming Callisto Airdrops, in the case of the Ethereum Classic owners with the same number of Callisto-Token will be rewarded, the rate on 25,45 Euro*.

A statement of the reasons for the decline could be that the majority of the investors, which triggered a few weeks ago, still a small ETC the Hype, have not speculated on the Free Token, but only the price as a result of the announcement of the Callisto Airdrops increase wanted to take. A similar behavior was also observed this week at ZClassic (ZCL) and the Bitcoin Private Fork.

Another theory is that Ethereum Classic is due to its long-term perspective in comparison to other Coins, such as ZCL relatively “immune” against excessive hype, and by many investors as a long-term investment is considered. Ethereum Classic could gain importance as soon as Ethereum moves to a hybrid Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake, while for the ETC will continue to be fully Mining is required.

Walton Chain (- 12 Percent)*

The main reason for the Mini-Crash of Walton chain this week was a failed Tweet of an employee. As you can see from the weekly Chart, very nice, it came within a very short time on the 28. February a rapid price fall.

The cause of a accidentally stepped Tweet of an employee. Walt conchain had run in the past week, a raffle 565 WTC on a total of 213 winners were distributed. The Whole thing went wrong however, because an employee has sent over the official Walton chain’s Twitter Account a Tweet, by the came out that the employee has won.

Many users felt betrayed, took their anger to Twitter to air and resulted in a wave of sales. In the Wake of the Walton chain price fell by almost 4 Euro. Within a short time, about 100 million of US have been burned dollars in market capitalization.

As you can see from the Chart, is recovering in the price of Walton chain in the last few days, only slowly from this event.

Outlook for the following week – KW 10

Also this week, we would like to inform our views about what data could be in the next week is important:


The rumor that Ripple could be listed on Coinbase, already since last year December. For two days the rumor is heating up again. The cause is that on Tuesday, the 06.03.2018 Brad Garlinghouse (CEO of Ripple) and Asiff Hirji (Coinbase President/ COO) in the case of the CNBC Show “Fast Money” on a table will sit. This was announced in a promotional preview in the TV.

This fact alone, the rumor mill heats up again. The presumption of many of the Reddit Users is that both of them could make a listing of the Ripple to the public.

From our point of view, this is not a foregone conclusion, however, this could be, at least in theme, if in the future a listing is planned. Whether the rumor is true or not. The date you should mark in our view, in any case.

Ethereum Classic

On Monday, 05.03. the Launch of the Callisto network. Here, each ETC-owner will be credited the same number of Callisto-Token via Airdrop. The Snapshot should take place at Block 5.500.000. The following Wallets will support the Airdrop, and the Token crediting: classic ether wallet, ClassicMask, MyEtherWallet (it is not clear, MyEtherWallet Account can be classic ether wallet), Trust, Wallet and Coinomi. For all of the Wallets it is for ETC-owner on a current Version of the wallet update, in order to avoid complications. In the case of the stock exchanges only Yobit, Hitbtc and ChangeNow are currently known to us, which will support the Airdrop.


The Mobile Miner will be released on Monday, the 05.03.2018. Previously, there was only a Beta Version that could only be from a small group tested. This will now change.

A detailed article to Electroneum you can find here. We Coin the Hero is the App to download, of course, on Monday and test the same. A test report will follow in the following days.

* The percentages are based on the time of writing

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