Rajoy does not think to resign

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The Spanish head of government Mariano Rajoy, whose position is very weakened after the conviction of party members in a corruptiezaak, is not going to step aside. Friday will be the Spanish parliament will vote on a motion of censure.

The position of Rajoy is shaken after the federal court in Madrid last week in a large-scale corruptieproces long prison sentences had been pronounced against former politicians from his conservative people’s Party (PP). The social democratic PSOE decided, therefore, be a vote of no confidence against the minority government of Rajoy.

During question time wanted to one of the members of parliament whether Rajoy was planning to resign. The first minister made it clearly that it is his ‘intention’ to mandate ‘that he of the Spanish citizens has been full. The current term of office runs until the end of 2020.

No majority

“I have a mandate from the citizens, my party fifty seats more than the second largest party (PSOE, ed.)’, according to Rajoy, who skilfully concealed that his government does not have a majority.

To the government, to dismiss, to compel, the motion Friday, an absolute majority behind him. That means that 176 of the 350 members of the Congress of Deputies agree to agree. The liberal party, Ciudadanos, who gedoogsteun gives to the government, the existence of already not behind the motion of censure. But the party in the polls, the wind in the sails, Rajoy, called for new elections and shouting out.

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