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Radja Nainggolan takes no sheet before the mouth: “If I have an example, I became a teacher”

No one could the news avoid. Radja Nainggolan won’t go to the world cup and that has made for quite a stir ensured. Gert Verhulst knew the ex-Red Devil snares for his talk show, Gert Late Night. After all the commotion about his non-selection, he spoke for the first time extended on the seat at Gert. And the “Ninja” did not disappoint. “There will always be criticism,” said the midfielder of AS Roma. “For me, should it go to the performance on the field and not to the lifestyle. If I have an example for the youth, I would be a teacher or educator. Win is for me the most important thing.”

“The first time was hard, it did hurt,” Nainggolan. “Yourself also always see on those commercials hurts.”

“I try to be positive: I am now focused on holiday, three weeks. I don’t go to Russia but will go to the world cup to watch. I’m going to anyway cheering, especially out of respect for my team mates. It is not about me, but about the team. I will go to their performance to watch and hope that they have a very good world cup play. But the semi-final against Germany is very difficult.”

“I say what I think and I feel ashamed of myself not for”

Nainggolan does not apply if the easiest Red Devil, his character would also be the reason why it does not click with Martinez. “I say what I think, and I’m ashamed not to, Nainggolan his shoulders. “I’m not someone who behind the scenes things go say, I say it straight.”

“That’s the reason for me to leave tactical would be? I think the Italian league is the most tactical league. What then? In the beginning we had a difficult relationship. I played a very good european CHAMPIONSHIPS and also played the first matches under him, but when the relationship went downstairs. Yes, I’m even too late, but I’m not going to say anything about what happened. Nonchalant? Can be.”

Videos of his melodic life on social media did, of course, no good for his image. “Don’t you understand that people take offense to it? I have a very young age to leave the country. I understand the Belgians if they say that I need to tell a story to the young children. But I’m the total opposite of. I try to live as a normal human being. I’m also not a criticism of someone who is to my nose a pint of beer to drink because I don’t drink beer. I try to give my life to lead. There will always be criticism. For me it has to be the performance on the field and not to the lifestyle. If I have an example for the youth I would be a teacher or educator. Win is for me the most important thing.”

On Twitter wrote Nainggolan ok “thatreally are unfortunately not good enough for some”.

“I think that’s the reason for my selection, so I have written it,” said the midfielder. “I’ve never had any problems with a player. I got a telephone from almost everyone: sorry that you was not there. But I’m getting older, so I view it along two sides: it is great that I support war, but I also find that the group support need to get. I think that I respect is enforced for what I have done on the field.”

“Everything around the football, all the lies, makes me tired”

Meanwhile, he announced his farewell to the national team. “Or that a car was? I thought at that time. I have already been through a lot in the national team to start again. It is about for me, even if a new coach comes in. There are enough players and I’m already thirty. If tomorrow the coach asks me to, would I appreciate it but there are young players on the rise and for me that’s enough. I am always a person of my word.”

“I love football, I have fun with me always as a footballer on the field. But everything around it, all the lies, makes me tired. Not only managers: wherever there’s money, though, is junk. Parasites are always there. My wife and I to see quickly whether someone is looking for money. We keep our friends close. Also my broker. I have a very difficult childhood, so my character is to me, and thanks to him.”

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