Protests in Brazil keep

6746465180c2bee8ee7e64ee2c9c4797 - Protests in Brazil keep

SÃO PAULO – The Brazilian president, Michel Temer, there seems to be four months before the election not to succeed protests to exorcise. Temer, the promoters of the current wave of protest, vrachtrijders, ultimately, a major part of their sentence given.

He hoped, as the blockades and strikes paralyzed the country Wednesday after nine days again to get underway. But all sorts of actions to continue and not only about seventeen increases in the price of the fuel in may.

Vrachtrijders ontstaken in anger on the last price increase. Temer decided ultimately to delete and also gives discount on toll roads. Tuesday there are gas stations supplied by tanker trucks that managed to reach their goal.

New strikes

But when the main fuel supplier, the company Petrobras, starting Wednesday, new strikes. They are aimed at the boss of Petrobras, Pedro Parente, and the market-oriented reform policy that prevails since Temer came to power in 2016.

Elsewhere express Brazilians express their displeasure about the failing health system, corruption, poor infrastructure, unemployment or violent crime. Some call even to a military regime such as that of the years 1964-1985.

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