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Postbank: Every third German crypto-currencies as a financial investment in consideration

A new investigation of the Postbank shows that many of the German currencies, the interest in Crypto as a financial investment. In spite of the erhblichen losses of the last few months, digital currencies are particularly popular among young people.

The digital study of Postbank, comes to a promising result: Every third German crypto-currency, in the meantime, as a possible money system is interesting. Especially among people younger than 35, 46% of the respondents, Bitcoin, Ethereum and co. as an investment in the consideration – otherwise, there are still 29%.

Although the last few weeks have meant significant losses for crypto investors is unabated interest, surprisingly, in spite of that. Dr. Thomas lack, CDO, Postbank,

It is noteworthy that the German interest in crypto-currencies as a financial investment, despite the high exchange rate losses, and Revelator risk is still great.

Nevertheless, it shows that crypto-currencies can bring a large financial risk:

Here is a real danger that people will lose money, just because you follow a Hype is with security.

The study also shows that Knowledge about the opportunities and risks are probably overestimated often.

Many of the German certificate by the constant media presence of crypto-currencies and the need to keep Track of the action Knowledge is good. Lack of leads:

Due to the media hype, many people overestimate their Knowledge about the opportunities and risks of crypto-currencies as a financial investment.

Women are especially impressed by the independence from the financial financial system, whereas in men, the great the chances of a return to a strong role to play. For every third Kryptofan the anonymity of currencies is also an important part of Crypto. Thrill and the “gold rush Feeling” to play for one out of every five prospects a role.

The study shows that crypto-currencies in Germany play a large role, and the adaptation is already highly developed. The population seems to have, despite the significant reset TERS of the crypto market in the past months, the interest is not lost.

The following graph shows the key points of the study:

We are optimistic of currencies for the future of Crypto and are excited to see how the next few days and weeks.

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