Paul de Leeuw buys canal house

8169b4390e586f09f5ce5f527827192d - Paul de Leeuw buys canal house

Paul de Leeuw in Amsterdam in an old canal house bought that was for sale for a whopping 1.2 million euro.

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It is a whole building on its own land, consisting of a double house and two upper floors, which are rented to students. The lower house is also back accessible.

However, the question is how many there are with this purchase, and to laugh is the comedian of the VARA, for the foundation of the house has to be renewed, reports the broker. That will be another whole operation, but that probably also explains the relatively low price for a canal house.

How much The Lion knew to things and or he would go to the bank for a mortgage, you will read this week in the Weekly Private.

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