Paris clears the largest tent camp

The French police have sat afternoon the evacuation started from the largest tent camp for migrants and refugees from Paris.

About 1,700 people are in the northeast of the French capital is counted. The operation began shortly after 6 a.m. Wednesday morning. It is already the 35th operation in the French capital in three years. The action " will result in the temporary reception of persons concerned in the twenty or so sites of Paris and the Parisian region and then the research of the administrative situation of such persons’, said minister of Home Affairs, Gérard Collomb.

According to the prefecture of police are almost 24 structures, mainly turnzalen, in the Paris region is prepared for the reception of migrants and refugees.

The residents of the camp come mainly from Sudan, Somalia and Eritrea. They settled in very precarious conditions under tents along the canal Saint-Denis. In anticipation of their evacuation were all residents of the camp out of their tents gone.