Paris clears large migrantenkamp

35ca60db76a97e1bfec56fe6594dbc47 - Paris clears large migrantenkamp

PARIS – police in Paris began with the evacuation of the largest encampment of migrants from the region. Approximately 1,700 people should have the settlement at the Porte de la Villette exit. They are to twenty temporary childcare places in the Paris region, true to their origin and status, will be examined.

Migrants and refugees are on the bus to a new shelter, where their status is viewed.

In Paris diving many encampments of illegal immigrants. They are after a period of time be evicted. In three years time, the police already 35 times an encampment of migrants are dismantled, but they arise again and again

The municipality of Paris has earlier this month called for the evacuation of the settlement along the canal of Saint-Denis-Porte de la Villette because there are “catastrophic hygienic conditions prevail.” The mayor of the concerned district, François Dagnaud, warned in local media for “a humanitarian disaster.”

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