‘Palestinian militants agree to cease-fire, if Israel stops”

The Palestinian Hamas group, which Gaza checks, states that the armed groups there to agree to a cease-fire after the escalation on Tuesday, when Israel stops shooting. The Israeli government puts the ball in the camp of Hamas.

After Hamas ceasefire announced, were there Wednesday morning for two hours, no shots heard in and around Gaza. By the end of Tuesday had Israeli tanks and planes, Gaza is still under fire, after Tuesday, dozens of rockets and mortars from the Gaza strip towards Israel were fired.

The attacks on Israel were claimed by the armed wing of the groups Hamas and Islamic Jihad. Who wanted to react on the more than 60 Palestinians since the 30th of may by the Israeli army were shot at the grensprotesten.

“There is the past hours a lot of negotiations”, said Hamas’ number two, Khalil al-Hayya Wednesday. Doing so would Egypt mediated between the two parties. “We have an agreement to return to the old agreements on a cease-fire (from 2014). The verzetsgroeperingen will respect, so long as the occupiers do the same.’

In an interview, wanted to the Israeli minister of Intelligence, Israel Katz, the agreement will not confirm. He stated, however, that Israel no new war will. ‘It all depends on Hamas. As the group continues (with attacks), I can’t say what her fate will be.’

Projectile explodes in kindergarten

Israeli aircraft had by Wednesday morning, according to the military command 55 buildings hit in Gaza who belong to militant groups. In addition, according to Israel, also a not yet finished grenstunnel.

The air strikes were a response to the more than 70 rockets and mortars that, according to Israel, from Gaza were fired. Many projectiles were shot down by the Israeli Iron Dome system that rockets are intercepted, others landed in the area of agriculture. One projectile exploded on the playground of a kindergarten. Three Israeli soldiers got wounded by shrapnel.

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