NPO gets a screenwriter of Fortuyn-series

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Script writer Ger Beukenkamp, known for critically acclaimed series about the house of orange, Joop den Uyl, and Ruud Lubbers, is no longer involved in the series that the NPO develops on politician Pim Fortuyn. Beukenkamp has a message thereon from the online scenariomagazine Plot Wednesday confirmed.

Pim Fortuyn

AVROTROS worked in early 2016 with Beukenkamp to a vijfdelig tv-series about the life of Pim Fortuyn. It would be a series about “his doubts, his love life and the dogs,” the writer in a Plot. NPO 2-network manager Gijs van Beuzekom was initially excited. “It was not politics, but Pim Fortuyn was certainly a series worth. A synopsis or a treatment he did not have to see, I could see him immediately to write scripts.” Beukenkamp heard the end of 2016, when the scenarios were finished, all of a sudden that it did not come to fruition.

According to the writer, found the NPO, the project ’politics’. “The elections were for the door and the PVV stood very high in the polls. They wanted to not adhere to the topic, burn.” The crossed Beukenkamp to say that the network manager to know never gave the scenarios have read. The scriptwriter and NPO are still talking about the payment for the work Beukenkamp has done.

Eddy Terstall

Van Beuzekom through his spokesperson in a comment to the scripts to have read. “But we have them as insufficiently assessed”, he commented. The NPO and AVROTROS is still working on a series about Pim Fortuyn, says Van Beuzekom. Further explanation about the approach of this project and the writer who now works, wants to NPO will not give.

It is not the first maker who complains about the behaviour of NPO. Eddy Terstall reported two months ago that he already for a long time with AVROTROS is working on a series about the life of Beatrix, but that the plan suddenly was shot down because it’s not in the programming would fit. Also Terstall claimed that the scripts were not read, something that NPO strongly denies.

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