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New study: ICO investors 82% profit in average

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ICOs have been the focal point of heated discussions among crypto enthusiasts and governments of this world. A new study sheds a positive light on the Initial Coin Offerings, and shows that investors can achieve extraordinary gains.

Boston College was in the study, “Digital Tulips? Returns to Investors in Initial Coin Offerings“ 4.003 ICOs investigated, which could collect during the investigation period, a total capital worth 12 billion dollars (the study can be downloaded for free without registration).

The investigation revealed that an average ICO-Token is increased by up to 179% in value, until it is listed on a crypto currency exchange. This entire process takes an average of 16 days, which corresponds to a return of 179% over the period of 15-16 days. Even if a Token is not listed within 60 days on a stock exchange, achieving investors are still in a yield of 82%.

All the patient investors is listed, the wait for a Token on a stock exchange and then 30 days “Hodln”, to achieve an average return of 48%. After 3 months, the average rate of return is 140%, after 6 months of 430%.

Furthermore, the study points out that Twitter and other activities on Social Media channels can lead to miscarriage and the Investor astray.

The long-term results of the study are not yet to be regarded as representative, because a large number of many crypto-currencies that have performed a ICO, quickly disappears again.

The results of this study show that ICOs provide great opportunities for profit. However, it must be noted at this point that can guide each of used capital to total loss, and there are a variety of ICOs, the fraud with the money of the investors and disappearances.

To the average Investor to educate, started in the SEC (anti theft Dr and Exchange Commission), a project that the orientation of a Fake simulated ICOs. As we already reported, the ICO of the “Howey Coins” many interested parties through a fake paper in the case of groping, and after clicking the “Buy Now” Button with a warning, as well as Tools and tips for investors training for the SEC received.

Any investment should be through in-depth Research and thought out thoroughly tested.

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