Mel B throws throws party-goers from the villa and let the ex pick up

c80da9bf722d75bd5527eeec0e319ad5 - Mel B throws throws party-goers from the villa and let the ex pick up

The house where Mel B until recently, with her family lived, has been changed into a pigsty, and therefore the Spice Girl returned to all her stuff at her ex-husband to pick up. That writes TMZ on the basis of documents.

According to the entertainmentsite she has Stephen Belafonte a while ago given access to their former home in the Hollywood Hills, so he completed a refit and to purchase.

Scary Spice has, however, heard that Belafonte regular violent parties would give to it. According to the documents, would Mel on may 25, his dropped to her Spice Girls memorabilia to pick up, because she was afraid it would be thrown away.


Also there to read that there is a discussion between the two exes came into being, after which the singer and the police called. She says that Stephen refused to leave the house, with the result that he in handcuffs was removed. Not much later, his lawyer, after which he was soon released.

Meanwhile, Mel the house inspected, where they cracked open locks found. Also, there were a number of expensive items had disappeared, including a Baccarat chandelier to the value of $ 10,000 and a rare painting by Marilyn Monroe.

The court has Mel B now as the sole owner of the house designated, to the matter next week, will be treated.

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