Medicijnfabrikant around criticism Roseanne

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Medicijnfabrikant Sanofi, which include the sleeping pills Ambien produces, contradicts the theorem of actress Roseanne Barr that the use of the pills can lead to make racist statements.

Roseanne Barr

In a controversial tweet that led to her dismissal drove Roseanne the spot with Valerie Jarrett. The actress made an allusion to Jarretts Afro-American background and her religion, islam. Barr offered afterwards her to apologize for the Tweet, but tv-station ABC found the note reason enough to unplug the power cord from the hit series Roseanne to pull.

Afterwards declared Barr on Twitter that its racist message had posted because they are under the influence of the sleeping pill Ambien. “People of all races, religions and nationalities working at Sanofi”, left the company Wednesday on Twitter know. “Every drug has side effects. But racism is not a side effect for any pill that Sanofi manufactures.”

The statements of Barr led Tuesday and Wednesday to much of a stir.

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