Massaclaim against Facebook in four EU-countries

BRUSSELS – Consumer organisations in Belgium, Italy, Portugal and Spain are going in their country massaclaims against Facebook filing following the scandal around Cambridge Analytica. They demands in collective lawsuits at least 200 euros per user, due to violation of privacy.

The data of more than 87 million facebook users, including several millions of Europeans, without their consent, shared with Cambridge Analytica, says the consumentenclubs. Because the law would be violated, the group action in the four countries submitted on behalf of all users.

’Tip of the iceberg’

A correct compensation for the use of the private data is in place, reports the Belgian Test-achats. “When their data is illegal to be used, they should be compensated. The apologies of Mark Zuckerberg is not enough. Consumers are not puppets that Facebook can do what it wants. Meanwhile, it looks like this scandal is just the tip of the iceberg.”

The demanded 200 euros is a “minimum estimate of the by Facebook users suffered damage,” according to Test-achats.

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