Manager loses case against Afrojack

493c534523e7f43ce5108502c2130887 - Manager loses case against Afrojack

Afrojack have made agreements with his former manager and do him no compensation of more than 7 million euros to pay for it. This is evident from a judgment of the court in Amsterdam.

The former manager claimed in a lawsuit that the dj would adhere to a cooperation agreement. That appointment consisted of, inter alia, that the then manager for the half shareholder would be in a company where the dj and all of his other activities were. At the same time would be Afrojack for 1 million euros to purchase shares in the company of the manager.

“A manager has a duty to care and the interests of its artist to promote and to his subordinate,” says the court. “A manager and an artist, although they have to some extent always a conflict of interest (for example, when it comes to the salary of the manager), but the terms of this agreement went much further. Because the former manager to his client about that not well-advised, and also has never recommended an independent consultant in the arm to take, he has his duty of care in respect of his client violated.”

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