Makkelie videoscheids in all the duels Kuipers

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Danny Makkelie is on the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in Russia videoscheidsrechter in all matches that fellow countryman Bjorn Kuipers flute.

Danny Makkelie

“The exception is, perhaps, the final, but we know that now, not yet,” he said at the presentation of the world cup arbitrators in Zeist.

Makkelie is one of the thirteen ‘video assistant referees’ (VAR) on the final round. He has a fixed place in Moscow, where the video-arbitrators in a studio to have wedstrijdbeelden of forty cameras. The VSA advises the referee in the field to include goals, red cards or buitenspelsituaties. “I expected quite often in action, so it can be a tough job. The work as videoscheids is stressful, because if you intervene, it must be right.”

Kuipers and his regular assistants Sander van Roekel and Erwin Zeinstra are for the second time is active on a global finals. At the previous world cup in 2014 led the trio three matches.

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