Makkelie: ‘Sweat in the hands and heart rate is 180’

Danny Makkelie is on the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in Russia videoscheidsrechter in all matches that fellow countryman Bjorn Kuipers flute.

Danny Makkelie

“The exception is, perhaps, the final, but we know that now, not yet,” he said at the presentation of the world cup arbitrators in Zeist.

Forty cameras

Makkelie is one of the thirteen ‘video assistant referees’ (VAR) on the final round. He has a fixed place in Moscow, where the video-arbitrators in a studio to have wedstrijdbeelden of forty cameras. The VSA advises the referee in the field to include goals, red cards or buitenspelsituaties. “I will with the sweat in my hands to which camera to watch and my heart rate is 180, because if I say something, it must be right.”

The 35-year-old Time knows by now what he is talking about. Makkelie has pioneered from the very beginning with the KNVB to the videoarbiter large and may, after five years one of the most experienced video assistant referees’ in the world. “I’m always comfortable with it felt. I can quickly switch between images and situations to assess. The stress is much greater than when you yourself is on the pitch, but that’s because of the big responsibility. If I as an arbitrator on the field make a mistake, I myself agree. If I videoscheidsrechter an error pass, the referee is blamed.”


The videoscheids can intervene in goals scored, penalties, red cards and persoonsverwisselingen (when the wrong player a card). “I think that we in the Netherlands very well. That’s a mistake recently in the play-off between Sparta and Emmen was annoying, but almost all other times there was nothing but praise for the videoref. Discussion there is always, because everyone has an opinion. So if you intervene, the hope is always that the people understand.”

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